Finding it hard to balance your work and life? Here’s why!

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Blog General Jan 29 . 7 Min Read

By. Nirzari Maharaja

Finding it hard to balance your work and life? Here’s why!

Happiness and gratitude, fill you up and overwhelm you with peace.

Every time you will recount your blessings, you’ll get a higher number. Today, one of your blessings might be how peacefully you started your day. If not, then why is it and how can we change it?. People nowadays find themselves constantly torn between the pressures of work and personal life. We usually rant about how everything is so piled up and we have no control of whatever is happening. Let’s scrutinize the problems one by one and figure out how can we solve them.

We spend 8 to 10 hours in our second home called workplace. We need to earn a living but we also need quality time with our partners, our families and for ourselves. Often it feels as though hours in the day and days in the week are simply not enough. Every workplace faces internal and external challenges, regardless of the sector, you are in.

Below are the problems of the conventional workplace.

  • Lack of ownership and accountability.
  • Miscommunication and Interpersonal Conflicts.
  • Misusing the organizational perks.
  • The rigidity of management.
  • Lack of recognition and motivation.
  • Unwillingness to acknowledge problems.
  • Lack of integrity.
  • Incompetency of the people.
  • Poor Time Management.

Everyone wants to be successful in their career and can do anything to go ahead. For example, they could cut corners, omit information, lie and steal, or deceive others. These practices destroy the trust between people and, without trust, the business cannot compete effectively. Furthermore, while growing, the company does not pay attention to the work culture, effective communication with employees, creating a positive environment that makes people comfortable and issues like managing conflicts within the team.

All the problems drawdown to a disturbing mindset which will ultimately affect the work and the family. If you can’t be happy, you can’t keep someone happy. Feelings are uncontrollable, your reaction is not. How we react to things makes it all easy. Here is how you can settle down!

Accept that no ‘perfect’ balance between work and life exists.

When you hear ‘work-life balance’, You probably imagine a very productive day at work and then to spend the other half of the day with friends and family. Although that might appear ideal, it cannot always be. Rather than achieving a perfect schedule, try to draw out a realistic plan. Some days you may concentrate on work, while others may have more time and energy to pursue hobbies or spend time with people you love. Over time, the balance will be attained.

Think quality, not quantity

With whatever time you have at the workplace, make every second count. Prioritizing your tasks will fix half of your problems. Pay close attention to when you are most productive at work and utilize that time off for your most important work-related activities. Avoid tasks that derail your attention and productivity. Structuring your day will increase productivity at work, which can result in more free time to relax outside of work.

Sharpening your skills.

Skills are constantly becoming outdated. In this ever-changing world, we need to stay up-to-date and adapt to advancing knowledge. E-learning can be a great way to help bridge the skills gap and to constantly evolve. Regularly refreshing and learning new skills will prepare you to face any challenges.

Find a job you love

Although work is an expected societal norm, your career shouldn’t be restraining. If you hate what you do, you aren’t going to be happy, relaxed and satisfied. You don’t need to love every aspect of your job, but it needs to be exciting enough that you don’t dread getting out of bed every morning. Following your passion and aspirations will make it possible.

Sometimes, Simply breathing and taking things easy is enough.

Life as a whole is composed of many other aspects along with work. If one has managed to allocate the required time for every aspect of life duly and not to reflect the problems in one part of life to another it means that he has been able to achieve work-family balance. This way, the stress will be automatically managed.

Sticking to what keeps you happy and satisfied.

Jumping from one company to another for better compensations and a superior position without analysing the work culture has become an unhealthy practice. When you leave a company you love, your mind can’t always accept that change which leads you to stress and increased anxiety that affects all the other aspects of your life.

Talking it out.

Why keep that discomfort in you? When you keep them all in you, that weight becomes heavier each day. Everyone communicates differently — some methods of communication may work well for some employees, but won’t work for others. Find out which way suits you and the person you talk to.

Pay attention to your health.

May it be physical, mental or emotional, your health impacts on all the tasks you do. Take care of yourself before everything and see how everything falls in place. A happy body is equal to a healthy mind and a healthy mind knows how to solve every problem.

Furthermore, The culture is made when people and company go hand in hand. See how you can help in building that work culture you love.

The approach of the people and the company can solve all the problems. We spend too much time, fighting against clock, instead of just enjoying our time. When you run so fast to get somewhere, you miss half the fun of getting there. When you worry and hurry through your day, it’s like an unopened gift thrown away. However, At SandCup We focus on opening up people’s gifts and give them the space to cherish them.

Overcome workplace challenges with SandCup.

We have been so thriving in standing out of the crowd by setting an exceptional open work culture. We emphasize the “human” element supporting our employees, encourage leadership, and business interactions, communications and help them grow. We believe in building a consistent environment in which we honour our team, take care of their personal development and evolve as an employee-centric organization. We empower employees by constantly training and mentoring them. Moreover, we organize team-building activities and encourage our team to participate in any sport.

The company leaders have ensured employees’ benefits by providing a lot of flexibility, warm culture and have prepared the “People First” strategies. Let’s take your aspirations to a new HIGH.

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Finding it hard to balance your work and life? Here’s why!

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