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The Senior Animator leads the development of animation assets to support the production's creative vision. He/She develops complex animation assets for production and mentors a team of animators to perform animation sequences and complex animation techniques.

Assign work to junior team members based on specialisations in line with the project plan.

Create key frames for animated sequences showing motion by using advanced animation techniques.

Decide the number of animated sequences to be created from the storyboard or animatic.

Develop various available animation techniques to broaden skillsets and deliver across a variety of projects.

Enhance own portfolio with animation created from research and work done on previous projects.

Explore complex motion techniques to enhance skills.

Guide research to form ideas for animation sequences.

Guide the creation of blocking animation to decide motion sequence for each shot in the scene.

Guide the creative thought process by using illustrations during creative briefings.

Guide the updating of asset libraries to store animation assets created for future projects and reference.

Identify requirements for specialised animation for specific production needs.

Identify tools and pipeline requirements for assigned work.

Picture various types of simulated motion required in the shots to animate the scene.

Present animated sequences to the creative leadership for review.

Refine animated sequences based on inputs from the creative leadership.

Review animation sequences created by junior team members to provide creative inputs for refinement.


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